Meeting Rooms

You can request meeting rooms at the regional libraries online.  The same rules and policies apply to meeting rooms at branch libraries, but you must contact the branch library by phone or in person to book a room.

Bookings for organizations are on a first-come, first-served basis. However, the Library reserves the right to give scheduling priority to all library events. In order to allow for equitable use of the rooms available, we will schedule a maximum of 12 meetings for any one group.
For-profit organizations may use library meeting rooms only for the purpose of staff training.


Contact the library if your group is meeting for the first time; please review the library's meeting room policies before you make contact as well. The staff will review the policy and can give you a tour of the meeting rooms.

Fill out the appropriate online form below. You must also read our rules for usage and agree to comply by submitting the form before completing your request schedule. Keep a copy of both forms for your records.

Staff will schedule the meeting rooms according to forms received on a first come, first served basis. If your dates are already taken, a staff person will call you with alternatives.

You will be contacted to confirm the room has been booked for the day and time you requested. If you wish to verify that you are on the library’s meeting room schedule, you can call the library.

The meeting rooms in our libraries are used by over 12,000 people each month. We believe that offering meeting space to groups like yours is an important community service provided by the Tulsa City-County Library. Your help in making this room booking process as simple as possible is greatly appreciated.

Meeting Rooms Available for Use | Publicity approval for TCCL meeting room users