Is there a way that I can keep track of all of my family’s library cards at once?

Yes there is, and it’s called Library Elf. This service can be set up to send you notices regarding the due dates of your checked out items, as well as if you have any holds ready for pick. You can use Library Elf for a single library account, but you can also add multiple cards (those of your spouse and your kids, for example) to the same Elf account to keep track of everyone’s items in a single place.

To register for Elf, just go the drop down menu under the Explore tab on the library’s home page. Under the section that says Reader Tools, select the ‘Track Holds/Loans with Library Elf’ link. At the bottom of the page, go to ‘Sign up here to create an Elf account.’ The first thing you'll do is create the Elf account, using your email address. Then you will be prompted to add your library card to the account. (You'll need to have your library card password to add it to the Elf account. If you aren't sure what that password is, please call the library's Hotline at 918-549-7323 to have it activated or reset.)

Once you've signed up for your account, you can add additional cards to the account by clicking on the 'Add Card' option in the left hand column. With your Library Elf account created, you can go the 'My Account' link and set your preferences about when and how often you want to receive notices, and the method of delivery (email, RSS feed, text, etc).



To reset your password, you can call the AskUs Hotline at 918-549-7323. You can also reach them via text, email or chat by following the instructions on our Contact Us page. Simply provide them with your library card number and they can reset your password to its default. They can also check the email address you have on file with your library account.

I hope this helps. 


how do I reset password and email address

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