Want to use that ereader you got for Christmas to check out library books? Here’s how you can do it!

The Tulsa library has access to two separate services, Overdrive and Freading, that can be used to download ebooks and digital audiobooks on your ereader, tablet, computer, or smart phone. To get started, first go to our Ebooks, Audiobooks and More page. On this page, you’ll find four boxes. If you'd like to dive right in to your ebook experience, you can select the top two boxes for immediate access to the Overdrive or Freading catalogs. You will need to use your library card to check out titles in either collection. However, since they are provided by different companies, the checkout process for the two is a little different. Overdrive allows you to check out 10 items at a time, while Freading assigns different token values to their books (typically 1-4 per item), and allots you 20 'tokens' a week to use for check outs. Both services do require that you have an Adobe ID in order to download materials.

Because of the variety of devices and file types available for ebook check outs, you might feel more comfortable reading a bit about the process so you know which method is correct for you. You can do so on our ebook/audiobook Help page, which is the third box on our Ebooks, Audiobooks and More page. On this page, you'll start by selecting which type of item you'd like, ebook or audiobook. Once you’re on the appropriate page, you'll find a number of gray tabs near the top indicating how to get started on the different devices (for example: Overdrive for Computer/Ereader, Audiobooks for your Mobile Device). Just select the tab that applies to you and follow the instructions on getting started.

Still need help? We'll also be offering a number of ebook clinics at several Tulsa library locations in the coming weeks. Just drop in to one of these scheduled sessions for some hands on assistance.

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