Where on the new website can I find the library's help page for the ebooks and downloadable audio books?

If you just want to get there quickly, click here

To find it from the home page, click the Research and Learn tab in the red menu bar (be sure to click on the tab itself here, not in the menu). In the Research page, look in the column titled Research by Subject and click 'Getting Started with Overdrive'.


They also say "if it ain't broke, break it", mostly in a computer science/programming venue.

Like they say...if it ain't broke don't fix it.

Your lists are still available! For step-by-step instructions to get your lists visit http://www.tulsalibrary.org/faq/how-do-i-import-my-lists-legacy-catalog-new-catalog or

Click Interests => How do I... => & under Recent FAQs in the right-hand frame click 'How do I import my lists...'

It appears that My Lists from the old TCCL webpage are not there -- or at least they don't appear when I click on the List link. What's the deal?

I probably will get used to where to find things, but not liking this new web page much yet. Can't find anything!

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