My Lawn Equipment Needs Some Work But I've Lost The Service Manuals. Does The Library Have Any Information On Small Engine Repair?

Yes, we have a database specifically for small engine repair that covers lawn mowers and trimmers, as well as other machines like ATVs, boat motors, tractors, motorcycles and more. Go to our Research & Learn tab, click on the alphabetical list, and look for Small Engine Repair. Select the type of machine you have and look for its make and model. The repair and maintenance information is given in a pdf format.

A Mother Goose for Modern Times: Mother Bruce

Bruce is a grumpy bear just looking for some organic eggs. What he gets instead is the devotion, love, belonging - and frustration - that comes with having a family, whether he wants it or not.

Mother Bruce by Ryan T. Higgins is a delightful picture book that will appeal to preschool and older children because of its humor, particularly in just how grumpy Bruce is - and how unexpected his role as "mother" to a group of goslings is.

Build YOUR Reader with these 5 Activities

Academic research about early literacy development can be a little heavy on, well, academic terms. But it really all boils down to one idea: there are five basic activities you should do with babies and young children to set the foundation for future reading and school success:






I want to become more informed about recent events and issues on a national and global scale. What are some good resources to use?

The library has two databases, World News Digest and Issues & Controversies, that are great for learning about current events and contemporary political and social topics. World News Digest focuses more on newspaper articles and stories, and allows you to search for pieces by time period (back to the 1940s) and country. Issues & Controversies deals with particular issues, providing in depth analysis and giving information on both sides of con

When Your School Is Your Home

What do you do when attending your local school is a matter of stepping into the living room? When Mom is your Science teacher, P.E. coach, and your principal? For many families, this scenario - also known as homeschooling - is a choice that makes the best sense.