Ready to Read in School: Fluency

Our next important element of reading, identified by the National Reading Panel, is Fluency.

Fluency is the "flow" of reading, particularly out loud, but also what a child hears in her head during silent reading. It's "reading like you talk" and is important because it supports comprehension. After all, it's difficult to understand a sentence when it is read haltingly, one word at a time, because you forget how the sentence began and what it has to do with the end of the sentence.

School Is Back In Session, And That Means Homework Is On The Horizon. Here Are Some Resources To Help Your Child Study.

The library has multiple tools your child can use when it comes to doing homework and learning study skills. First, we have an online service called Homework Help Now, which provides online homework assistance with a live tutor for subjects like math, science, writing, and social studies. All tutors are certified and are available from 2-11pm daily.

Ready to Read in School: Vocabulary

This week, we're looking at another area that the National Reading Panel identified as being important for children learning how to read: Vocabulary.

Simply put, the more words you know, the much easier it is to read a wide variety of texts.

Ready to Read in School: Phonics and Phonemic Awareness

You don't need us to tell you: it's time to head back to school! That means if you are a parent, it's also time to think about what you can do to make sure your school-aged child is getting what they need in reading instruction.

In 2000, after three years of study, the National Reading Panel identified 5 areas that correlated with children's success in reading: 1) Phonics; 2) Phonemic Awareness; 3) Fluency; 4) Vocabulary; 5) Comprehension.

The Art (and Science) of Conversation with Children

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The Art (and Science) of Conversation with Children

"Oh, that's just a bunch of talk." It's easy to get tired of all of the words flying around us, especially as the presidential election season ramps up (oh boy, are there a lot of words!). But when it comes to your children - no matter their age - sharing words through conversation is one of the most important things you can do to ensure their literary success.