April Means It’s Time to Play… The Game of Thrones! (Part Three)

Part One: The books: A Song of Ice & Fire

Part Two: The show: Game of Thrones

This time: Part Three: Further Reading

So, we’ve talked about the books.  We’ve talked about the show.  Now it’s time to talk about all the other Song of Ice & Fire goodies out there!

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April means it’s time to play…The Game of Thrones! (Part Two) by Sarah Thrower

Last time: Part One: The books: A Song of Ice & Fire

This time: Part Two: The show: Game of Thrones

So.  We’ve talked about the Song of Ice & Fire books.  Time to talk about the show!  I know, I know!  This is a blog about Reading Addicts, i.e. books!  I figure I can get away with writing about a TV show for the blog since it’s based on some popular books.  Since new seasons of the show traditionally get released in April, I thought I’d go for it.