Dying: Can We Talk? by Cindy Hulsey

Human beings don’t do death very well. Intellectually we know our lives are finite, yet we put off facing reality until it smacks us in the face. Even though we know our parents will one day die (and so will we), we are often unprepared when the time comes to move our parents into assisted living or to navigate the horrors of dementia, or to figure out how to broach the taboo subjects of money, wills and last wishes.

Better Living through Reading by Cindy Hulsey

Most of us who enjoy reading know that it has many benefits, but if someone asked us to rattle off those benefits off the top of our head we might hesitate. Recently I ran across an article on that lists the ten ways reading makes people more successful. Here they are in a nutshell.

New In The Digital Collections: July 2015 Update

In July 2015, TCCL uploaded 138 items into the Digital Collections. There are now approximately 32,816 items in the Digital Collections. Additions include: 

Summer of Encore Mentoring

Partners AARP, SBA and REI Women’s Business Center come together to present Encore Entrepreneurship - For 50+ individuals to empower them to use their experience, knowledge and skills to become business owners and job creators.


August 6th, 2015
11:00 am to 2:00 pm

Hardesty Regional Library
8613 E. 93rd Street


Register online


Community Resilience Speakers Bureau

Does your organization want to know more about resilience, sustainability, or safe rooms?  Tulsa Partners, Inc has launched a Community Resilience Speakers Bureau to help you find expert presenters in these topics and more, from construction to diversity outreach.  Check out their site or call Tim Lovell at 918-632-0044.