An Unpleasant Vacation by Cindy Hulsey

Summer House with Swimming Pool by Herman Koch, is a disturbing novel, but one that is perfect for book discussion groups. The book is narrated by Dr. Marc Schlosser, a general practitioner who has a following due to his ability to look as though he is listening to his patients and because of his propensity to liberally dispense opiates.

Journalist Rick Atkinson Is The Winner Of The 2015 Peggy V. Helmerich Distinguished Author Award. Where Can I Learn More About Him And Him Work?

You can learn more about Rick Atkinson and his career through the Biography in Context database. First, click on the Research & Learn tab at the top of the library home page, then select Alphabetical List of Resources. Scroll down to the B's for Biography in Context. Perform a search for the name 'Atkinson, Rick' and you should receive a list of results, including biographies, newspaper and magazine articles, and radio interviews.  

Tulsa World Career Fair

Tulsa World Career Fair

Tuesday, November 10th

10am – 3pm

Expo Square-Central Park Hall

4145 E 21st St


Come dressed for success in conservative attire, with a winning attitude, and resumes handy.

A Tale Retold by Rebecca Howard

There are some authors whose books I’m always going to read—no matter what. If Jonathan Franzen’s next novel is a kitschy romantic comedy between a cat lover and a bird lover, I’m going to read it. If Louise Erdrich decides to abandon psychological literary fiction to write a slapstick western, sign me up! I may not like everything by these authors, but I’m such a fan of their writing that I’m always willing to try. Jeanette Winterson is one such author for me.

New In The Digital Collections: September + October 2015 Update





In September and October 2015, TCCL uploaded 620 items into the Digital Collections. There are now approximately 33,805 items in the Digital Collections. Additions include: