Learn About Real Lives: Biography In Context

Dragons and magicians, flying carpets and talking animals - these imaginative elements all have a place in a child's reading diet. But sometimes kids just want to know about REAL people who used hard work and determination (not magical feathers) to achieve real-life accomplishments.

When your children or students get the "Who was Thomas Edison?" or "What was J.K. Rowling like when she was my age?" bug, explore the library's Biography In Context database.

Reading Aloud: Not Just for Babies

You know that reading aloud to babies and young children is crucial for their future reading and learning success.

But it's good for school-aged children, too!

Not only that, but here's a secret your independently-reading child might not share with you: many kids still like it when parents read to them at home. Even 9, 10, and 11 year olds enjoy a regular read-aloud with the adults who love them the most.

I Need To Pay A Traffic Ticket, Apply For A Passport, And Find Parking For My Upcoming Jury Duty. Where Can I Go To Find This Information?

Maneuvering through the various city, county and federal courts in Tulsa can be a bit tricky, since they are located in different buildings, and it's not always obvious which agency handles what. To help you find your way through the system, our Research Center and Tulsa Organizations & Services Office has put together a resource called Navigating the Courts. To find this page, click on the Research & Learn tab on the library's home page and look for it listed in the Research by Subject box.

What Kids Want in Books: Laughter Rules!

You don't need to spend much time with kids to know that they dearly love to laugh. Even serious-minded children will crack a smile at "silly stuff": words, actions, or characters that just don't belong together in the real world.... for example, a chicken who interrupts, a duck on a bike, a monster named Floyd Peterson.

The Magic Ingredient in Reading: YOU.

What helps kids become dedicated readers? What are kids looking for in books that they like to read? Why do some kids naturally spend lots of time reading, while others struggle? Most of all, what is the magic ingredient that will set YOUR child up for reading success and enjoyment?

Some intriguing answers to these questions can be found in a 2014 "Kids & Families Reading Report" from Scholastic and YouGov, which surveyed U.S. children's reading habits, attitudes, and frequency.