The Queen of Crime by Cindy Hulsey

Beloved British author P.D. James died on Thursday at the age of 94. She delighted her readers with her cerebral mysteries featuring detective Adam Dalgliesh and her life was as interesting as her novels. After her husband was injured in WWII she was forced to support her family. She worked for the National Health Service and didn't publish her first novel until she was 42. After the death of her husband a job in the Department of Home Affairs sustained her and gave her procedural knowledge she would use in her novels.

The Census Bureau is Hiring!

The U.S. Census Bureau is hiring Field Representatives in the Tulsa Metro area to support the 2015 American Housing Survey (AHS).

The job consists of interviewing selected households using a laptop computer at their homes or over the phone. 

If interested in a Field Representative job, please contact the American Housing Survey toll-free Recruiting line at: 877-390-6424.

A Sign of Progress

The exterior library sign at the north end of the Central Library was recently removed.  The demolition of the loading dock was completed and the removal of the river rock panels continues on the exterior.  Inside, the demolition of stairs and the elevators will make way for new ones soon.