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The Year's Best by Nick

Please indulge me while I channel my inner Rob Fleming, the list makers’ list maker. While Nick Hornby’s High Fidelity protagonist might chide me for my lack of brevity and keeping the list to an essential five, that just wouldn’t be fair to omit five extraordinary books. So here we go; my personal favorites I’ve read this year.

1. Our Burden’s Light by Patrick Thomas Casey

Books People Are Talking About by Lynette

Lynette facilitates the book discussion group at the Helmerich Library. At each meeting they read books on a particular topic or books by the same author and share their opinions. Below is the newsletter she shared with her group after their November meeting.

And You Thought Your Family Was Crazy by Rebecca

Memoirs are tricky business. There’s something both astoundingly brave and utterly foolish about inviting others into the deepest crevices of one’s life. Memoir may be second only to poetry as the genre that is most likely to create overly sensational or sentimental writing. But, like poetry, when memoir is done well, it is like chocolate cake—perfect in its simplicity. I enjoy reading memoirs, not because of any need I have to compare my personal history with those of their authors. In many cases, there is no comparison.

Isolation in Short Stories by Nick

There seems to be a tradition of using isolation as a theme in many modern short story collections. It might just be my maudlin nature that causes me to be intrigued, engrossed, and thereby seduced by this theme. I also think that working with issues of isolation and alienation work really well in the short story format. Authors can pack a meaner punch in a short story than in a drawn out novel.

The Universal Appeal of the Immigrant Experience Novel by Rebecca

The universal appeal of the immigrant experience novel

By Rebecca