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Things Steve Amsterdam Didn't See Coming by Nick

Speculative fiction has never really been my bag. Sure, I like a good SciFi fare every now and then, but you won’t catch me reading the Left Behind series and if you press me about it, I’ll probably succumb to opining that most of Philip K. Dick’s books seem less like novels than rituals in paranoia. Doesn’t exactly make for interesting character driven fiction.

Lose Yourself in The Lost City of Z by Lance

I was bitten by the travel bug. I was not bitten by the travel bug that causes maggots to hatch under your skin and pop their little maggot heads out as if to say hello and wish you well during your visit to their little unexplored corner of the world. I have to admit, however, that I did take guilty pleasure reading the tales of such encounters between man and insect, but I will come back to that.

I Am a Genius of Unspeakable Evil by Nick

So Charlie comes over to my house to pick up a ‘zine and he looks at me and Charlie says “Nick, you gotta read this book.” He plops a book down on my couch.

So I says to Charlie, “Really? I do? Why is that?”

To which Charlie says to me: “Nick. You must read this. I read it in a day. Then I gave it to Jay and he read it in a day. I got it back from Jay and gave it to Kate and she read it in a day. Kate gave it back to me and I gave it to Zach and he read it in a day too.”

Genre Bending or Books That Proved Me Wrong by Kristen

I like my coffee with as much cream and sugar as coffee. I part my hair in the middle. Vanilla in food? Oh, yes. Vanilla in the air or on my body? Oh, no. I only like cotton sheets. I prefer the aisle seat and do not care for olives. And I only read certain genres.

Midlife—Not for the Weak of Heart by Rebecca

Say midlife crisis and your first images are bound to be impractical sports cars, hair implants, and gold jewelry. The words predictable, pathetic or cliché may come to mind. Maybe it is a result of my own age that I’m feeling a little less harsh and a little more empathetic about the experiences of those entering middle adulthood. Maybe it’s discovering the novels of Jonathan Tropper.