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Books People Are Talking About by Lynette

Lynette facilitates the book discussion group at the Helmerich Library. At each meeting they read books on a particular topic or books by the same author and share their opinions. Below is her newsletter she shares with her group.

It’s time for our beautiful books recommendations. When it’s too hot to read, and more fun to look at pictures, these are some of my top favorites. But, please do NOT take these to the beach!

Contemporary Genius:

The Evolution of a Writer As a Young Man by Nick

Novelist John Brandon has a knack for creating unsympathetic characters that you root for despite your better judgments. And with his debut Arkansas , about midway through you kind of get the sense that, gee, this is going to end badly .

Awful, Horrible, Despicable Characters and the Readers Who Love Them by Rebecca

Okay, so let’s agree right now that Jonathan Franzen needs no more press. Long before Freedom’s release date, the novel’s buzz was met with a feminist critique of the New York Times’ Book Review, lead by novelists Jodi Piccoult and Jennifer Weiner.

Historical Fiction as Nonfiction by Nick

Those who think historical fiction is a waste of time better just move on. Those who think that historical characters and events can’t be rendered through the literary lens of powerful fiction should just stick with history texts.

Further Readings with Boy on Mount Olympus by Way of Long Island by Robbie

Growing up, my sister was a voracious reader of science fiction and fantasy. I on the other hand couldn’t be bothered with it. I was too much of a realist and always found the book covers totally weird. I was sure based on the cover that I would not like what was inside (I know, I know, “one should never judge a book…”) Lucky for me now, I have a son who is quite the fan of science fiction and fantasy; giving me the opportunity to discover some of what my own childhood judged too harshly.