Adult Creative Writing Contest Accepting Entries

Let your keyboard click, pen flow and creative light shine. Wordsmiths are invited to enter the 37th Annual Adult Creative Writing Contest for a chance to win cash for their snappy sonnets and enlightening essays. The annual event is sponsored by The Friends of the Tulsa City-County Libraries. The contest is open to any person 18 years or older who lives, works, attends school in Tulsa County or has a nonresident Tulsa City-County Library card. The deadline to submit entries is Jan 31, 2014. Submissions of unpublished original text are welcomed in these categories: • Poetry – with a 400-word limit • Informal Essay – with a 5,000-word limit • Children’s Fiction – with a 3,000-word limit • Short Story – with a 5,000 word limit A $100 cash prize and a certificate are awarded to the best works in each category. Second-place winners receive a $50 cash prize and a certificate. Certificates are awarded to those receiving honorable mention. Individuals may submit one entry per category. Each entry must have a separate entry form and a $6 entry fee. All winners and participants are invited to the awards during a ceremony at 2:30 p.m. on April 12, 2014, at Rudisill Regional Library, 1520 N. Hartford. Winners from each category will have the opportunity to read a short selection from his or her winning entry. Entry forms, with a complete set of rules, are available at all TCCL locations or online at For more information on the Adult Creative Writing Contest, call Gretchen Hannefield, Friends liaison and library volunteer coordinator, 918-549-7408. # # #


Dear TCCL Contest Professional,

I recently submitted my short story called Touch the World on January 31, 2014; however, there a couple of questions that concern me:

First, I submitted my manuscript in the correct format: double spaced and using 12" font - Times New Roman. Yet, I put the title and page number in the upper right hand corner of each page. I'm not sure if I'll get disqualified for putting the title and the page number on the wrong corner of the page. Should the title and page number be on the upper left side instead? According to the rules, it didn't specify which side the title and page number goes on.

Second, I did type my entire manuscript; however, I corrected a few of my spelling errors with a black ink pen. And I also scratched out a sentence with my black ink pen.

Therefore, with the above mentioned, do you think any of what I mentioned above will get my manuscript disqualified?

I'm really concerned about this. Please let me know your expert opinion at your earliest convenience.

Thanks in advance.


Joseph Quaid

You will not be disqualified for those items. The Friends really want to encourage people to write so they do not get real picky on items such as those.


Thanks indeed for your response.


Dear Gretchen,

I entered my short story manuscript into the contest and I would like to be a winner.
In addition, rhe contest criteria indicates that winners, Including Honorable Mentions, will be contacted by phone before the awards ceremony.
Therefore, have the winners already been contacted?

Thanks for your time.


Joseph Quaid

No response?

That's okay. It really is... I'm going to forget about this contest. In addition, I'm mailing my manuscript, Touch the World, to a Writers Digest Contest to win the $2,000 Grand Prize and get my short story published. And another plus is that I don't have to play politics to win.

Best Wishes...


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