Nora Roberts

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I have read many of Nora Roberts books and have enjoyed most of them. I especially like her series whether they are older ones like the MacGregors, O'Hurley's, Chesapeake Bay Saga, In the Garden, etc. to her newer series like Bride Quartet and Inn BoonsBoro Trilogy.

Yes indeed. Love her books, have seen a few as movies as well

I'll pick a Nora Roberts when I can't decide what to read, she always satisfies. I love her "In Death" series (written as JD Robb), with Eve Dallas as the lead. Roarke is a fantasy unto himself, and their friends are always fun. Plus, as an avid mystery reader, I'm challenged to discover the killer before the end.

I also like Ms Roberts series books, and wish the library would stock all of them, not just one of the series, as eBooks.

i love nora roberts' books, they are the perfect blend of romance with a little mystery thrown in....highly recommend.

One of my first and favorites...Sanctuary by Nora Roberts
Easy to read, romantic but not over the top, suspenseful.

I have read MANY Nora Roberts books, particularly like the "Death" series she writes under J.D. Robb. Her early romance novels are fine, but her writing has really matured over the years, bringing more intelligence and plot twists than the typical romance novel.
If you try the "Death" series -- main character is a NYC cop in 2054-- I would recommend starting with the first book. You can go to her website and find the list.

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