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The 1957 Plymouth Belvedere Sport Coupe was buried on June 15, 1957 during Tulsarama!, a celebration commemorating the 50th anniversary of Oklahoma statehood. Some items buried with the gold and white car included: a 5 gallon can of gasoline, a jar of Oklahoma crude oil, fourteen bobby pins, a ladies compact plastic rain cap, several combs, a tube of lipstick, a pack of gum, facial tissues, 2.73 in bills and coins, a pack of cigarettes with a book of matches, an unpaid parking ticket, and a bottle of tranquilizers (items that may have been found in a woman's purse in 1957.) The car was located about 150 feet north of Sixth Street along Denver Avenue.

The car was unearthed on June 15, 2007, for the celebration of the 100th anniversary of Oklahoma, at Denver and 6th. The vault was compromised, and the car had extensive water damage; but the time capsule remained in tact. The winner of the car was Raymond E. Humbertson of Cumberland, MD (1921-1979) with the guess of 384,743 as the population of Tulsa in 2007. His guess was only off by 2,386 with the actual population being 382,457. In addition to the car, his heirs also received a savings account worth a little more than $700.
More information is available in the vertical file at the Central Library Research Center.

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In celebration of Tulsa's Centennial 1998 (Tulsa was incorporated on January 18, 1898), a time capsule was buried on January 17, 1998 in Centennial Park, located at 1028 E. Sixth Street (Sixth and Peoria). Stored in a vault above the ground, the purple, Chrysler Prowler was enclosed in a seamless plastic "box," specially made manufactured here in Tulsa for the time capsule. Officials drained the oil and other fluids, replacing them with synthetics that won't degrade, officials said. And the vault itself was filled with an inert gas to keep the exterior in good shape. This capsule is to remain buried for 50 years and will be dug up again sometime in 2048.
Various items were placed in this time capsule by the Rotary Club. These keepsakes included items such as: a teddy bear, a pair of in-line skates, an envelope with four crisp $50 bills, a cellular phone, a postal uniform, a business card from an Arabian horse dealer, a family photo album, a case of Weber's Root Beer, the face plate from an ATM, and a large collection of Beanie Babies.

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The James E. Bertelsmeyer Planetarium, featuring a 50-foot dome, state of the art surround system, ultra-high resolution digital video projectors and seats 110 people, is located just north of the Tulsa Air and Space Museum, 3624 N. 74th E. Ave. Their telephone number is: (918)834-9900.

Source: Tulsa World, 4/23/06; p. E1.

The 20 million dollar Oklahoma Aquarium opened June 28, 2003. Located on the west bank of the Arkansas River in Jenks, the aquarium is open to the public from 10 am to 6 pm (last paid admittance, 5 pm). Tuesdays, 10 am to 9 pm (last paid admittance, 8 pm). The aquarium is closed on Christmas Day.

The address is: 300 Aquarium Drive, Jenks OK, 74037. Phone: (918)296-3474. Fax: (918)296-3467.

Source: Tulsa World, May 6, 2003; p.A16 and the Oklahoma Aquarium web site.


Shan Gray, an Edmond artist and youngest son of an Osage father and European-mix mother, is the designer of the proposed 21-story sculpture, called "The American".
The 217 foot monument made out of 350,000 pounds of bronze will sit on a four-story, limestone-concrete base, bringing the height to 21 stories that will be built to withstand an F3 tornado. At one time, the proposed site for the monument was Holmes Peak.  According to a KOTV report (4/17/12), the city of Sand Springs is interested in working with Gray. 
The sculpture depicts a young American Indian warrior with his hair being blown across his face. His right arm is raised as a bald eagle, wings spread, lands on his shroud-covered forearm.
Visitors will be able to ride an elevator to a platform in the sculpture's mid-section, where plasma television screens will project a 360-degree view from outside. From there, visitors can travel up to an observation area in the head.
According to the proposal, the sculpture will stand 5 feet taller than the Statue of Mother Russia in Volgograd, Russia, which claims to be the world's largest free-standing sculpture. It will be 60 feet taller than the Statue of Liberty.
The estimated $38 million monument will be privately funded, and once construction starts, it will take about 42 months to complete.
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Go the USPS web site and click on the "Find a Locations" link. Type in your zip code, or, the zip code of the Post Office you wish to contact. Then, click on the "See More Results" link.  Choose the post office you wish to contact, click on the name, and the local phone number should appear.

Source: United States Postal Service web site

The coldest month in Tulsa is January, with an average daily high of 46 degrees and a low of 26 degrees Fahrenheit. The warmest month is July or August with an average daily high of 94 degrees and a low of 71 degrees Fahrenheit.
More information such as sunrise and sunset tables, daily temperatures (F6 link), rain fall, snow fall, and wind speeds for Tulsa can also be found at the National Weather Service - Tulsa web site.

Source: National Weather Service web site

The 2057 time capsule was buried in Veteran's Park on Veteran's Day weekend, November 10, 2007. It is 15 feet long, five feet in diameter, made from half-inch thick carbon steel and assembled by Boyle Services with materials and fabricating assistance C.G. Martin, Prescor and Port City Metal Services. The capsule was pumped full with inert gas, forcing out oxygen and moisture. This event was the work of the Junior League of Tulsa and Tulsa's Young Professionals.

The Myers-Duren Harley Davidson dealership donated the 2007 Street Glide with a custom blue denim paint job that retails for about $20,000. It borrows much of the styling of the 1965 Electra Glide Harley's, but has modern touches like a six-speed transmission, CD-player, and weather band radio. Also included in the time capsule was a laptop computer, a cell phone, and an iPod.

Source: Tulsa World, 11/8/2007, p.A15

Information specific to Oklahoma businesses can be obtained from the Oklahoma Small Business Development Center, the Oklahoma Secretary of State (for business registration forms), the Oklahoma Tax Commission (for business tax forms), and the Oklahoma District Office for the Small Business Administration. The Oklahoma Department of Commerce also has state information on their site under Business services. If you are starting a business in Tulsa, be sure to check out the One-Stop Permit and Licensing Center.

Source: TCCL Government Documents web page.

Purple martins arrive between February 15 and March 1.

Source: Purple Martin Conservation Association.