Standards & Specifications Index

The Central Library’s Research Center orders selected new and revised print standards coordinated and accredited by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI).

Varying alphanumeric document numbers on each ANSI standard differentiate publishing organizations as well as titles (ex. ANSI/ASME). These standards are shelved alphabetically by organization and then numerically within our Standards and Specifications Vertical Files. Some standards are classified by Dewey Decimal Number in the Research Center book stacks (Ex: American Petroleum Institute).

Within copyright restrictions, photocopiers are available for copying. Emailing and scanning are possible at 10 pages per day.  At the library’s discretion, check-out privileges are for Tulsa City-County Library customers with a valid library card and proper business identification. (The documents are to be used for business use.)

Other full or partial standards in the Research Center Collection include:

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Organizationsort descending Title Number Year Edition Call Number Notes
Carbon Steel, Sheet, Strip and Plate 1 ANSI/SAE/AMS 5046B
ANSI Gas Water Heaters - Volume III 1987 ANSI Z21.10.3
ANSI Safety Requirements for Confined Places 1989 ANSI Z117.1
ANSI Overhead and Gantry Cranes 1976 ANSI B30.2.0
ANSI Addenda to ANS Z21.13 - 1987 for Gas-Fired Low-Pre 1989 ANSI Z21.13a
ANSI For Plastic Lavatories 1986 ANSI Z124.3
ANSI Fuel Gas Piping 1968 ANSI B31.2
ANSI For The Safe Use of Lasers 1986 ANSI Z136.1
ANSI Gas Turbine Installation Sound Emissions 1977 ANSI B133.8
ANSI National Fuel Gas Code 1996 ANSI Z223.1
ANSI Acceptance Testing Specifications for Electrical P ATS-2007
ANSI National Electrical Safety Code 1993 ANSI C2
ANSI For Emergency Eyewash and Shower Equipment 1990 ANSI Z358.1
ANSI Safety Requirements for Electrical and Electronic 1974 ANSI C39.5
ANSI Rigid Steel Conduit - Zinc Coated 1983 ANSI C80.1
ANSI Accepted Practices for Hydrogen Sulfide Safety Tra 1995 ANSI Z390.1
ANSI Construction and Demolition Operations – Scaffoldi 1988 ANSI A10.8
ANSI Dimensional Tolerances for Aluminum Mill Products 1993 ANSI H35.2
ANSI Product Safety Signs and Labels 2002 ANSI Z535.4
ANSI Basic Elements of an Employer Program to Provide a 1991 ANSI A10.38
ANSI Wire and Rope for Mines 1980 ANSI M11.1
ANSI For Ladders - Portable Wood - Safety Requirements 1982 ANSI A14.1
ANSI Data Application Identifier Standard 1995 ANSI MH10.8.2
ANSI Ductile Iron Fittings 3 in. through 24 in. for Gas 1979 ANSI A21.14
ANSI Industrial Security for Nuclear Power Plants 1973 ANSI N18.17
ANSI Building Code Requirements for Masonry 1953 ANSI A41.1
ANSI Buildings and Facilities - Providing Accessibility 1986 ANSI A117.1
ANSI Methylene Blue Method for Measuring Thiosulfate an 1971 ANSI PH4.8
ANSI Test Procedure and Acceptance Criteria for Physica 1980 ANSI A151.1
ANSI Criteria for Permissible Ambient Noise During Audi 1977 ANSI S3.1
ANSI Exit Devices 1978 ANSI A156.3
ANSI Methods for the Measurement and Designation of Noi 1985 ANSI S12.10
ANSI Recommended Specifications for Standard Steel Door 1998 ANSI A250.8
ANSI Programming Language FORTRAN 1978 ANSI X3.9
ANSI Screw Thread Gaging Systems for Dimensional Accept 1979 ANSI B1.3
ANSI Characters Set for Optical Character Recognition ( 1975 ANSI X3.49
ANSI Preferred Limits and Fits for Cylindrical Ports (R 1967 ANSI B4.1
ANSI Specifications for Credit Cards 1971 ANSI X4.13
ANSI For Machine Tools - Iron Workers - Safety Requirem 1988 ANSI B11.5
ANSI Abbreviations for Use on Drawings and in Text 1972 ANSI Y1.1
ANSI For Safety Glazing Materials for Glazing Motor Veh 1983 ANSI Z26.1
ANSI Roll Forming and Roll Bending Machines-Safety Requ 1996 ANSI B11.12
ANSI Gear and Spline Drawing Standards Part 2 – Bevel a 1978 ANSI Y14.7.2
ANSI Installation of Underground Petroleum Storage Syst 1 1996 5th 665.5028 A51 No. 1615 R2001
ANSI For the Preparation of Scientific Papers for Writ 1979 ANSI Z39.16
ANSI Graphic Symbols for Electrical and Electronics Dia 1975 ANSI Y32.2
ANSI For Information Sciences – Codes for the Represent 1987 ANSI Z39.53
ANSI Nonmetallic Flat Gaskets for Pipe Flanges 1978 ANSI B16.21
ANSI Graphic Symbols for Logic Diagrams 1973 ANSI Y32.14