Morton Comprehensive Health Service, Inc.


Morton Comprehensive Health Services
1334 N. Lansing Ave.
Tulsa, OK 74129
Phone: 918.587.2171
Fax: 918.587.6106
East Tulsa Family Health Center
11511 E 21st
Tulsa, OK 74129
Phone: 918.295.6185
Midtown Family Health Center
102 N. Denver Ste. B
Tulsa, OK 74103
Phone: 918.295.6942
Nowata Family Health Center
207 S Locust
Nowata, OK 74048
Phone: 918.273.9911
Cornerstone Community Center
4122 W 55th Pl S
Tulsa, OK 74107
Phone: 918.587.2171

M/W/F 8:30-5:30, Tue 8.30-7, Thur 12-7, Sat 9-1.

Chief Executive Officer: John M. Silva.

A federally qualified community-based health care center which provides primary care services. Medical, dental, optometric and medications provided on a sliding fee scale to residents of Northeast Oklahoma. Funded by patients' fees, some private donations, federal, state, and local sources.

BARTLESVILLE FAMILY HEALTH CARE CENTER at 4140 SE Adams Rd, Ste 105. 8.30-5.30 M T W F, noon-5.30 Tr. Primary health care services for adults and children.

EAST TULSA FAMILY HEALTH CENTER. 11511 E 21st is open M, W, Fri 8:30 am -5:30 pm., Tue 8.30-7, Thursdays open Noon-5:30 pm. Transportation services available.

MIDTOWN FAMILY HEALTH CENTER located at Salvation Army Bldg, 102 N Denver, Suite B. A free clinic for the homeless. Provides medication, TB testing, HIV/AIDS screening and testing, makes dental referrals. M/T/W/F 8:30-5:30, Thu 12:00-5:30. 918-582-8203.

MORTON HEALTH CENTER AT CORNERSTONE COMMUNITY CENTER located at 4122 W. 55th Pl. M/F: 9:00 am -1:00 pm, Tuesday: 1:00-5:30

NOWATA FAMILY HEALTH CENTER. 918-273-9911, 207 S Locust St, Nowata OK 74048. M/T/W/F 8:30-5:30, Thu 12:00-5:30

Services include:

COMPREHENSIVE PRIMARY CARE SERVICES for children and adults, including family planning, pediatric, prenatal care, radiology, diagnostic laboratory, preventive health care, immunizations, and referrals to hospitals and specialists.

DENTAL CLINIC. Services provided to children and adults.

PHARMACY. Low-cost for in-house prescriptions only.

VISION SERVICES available. 918-295-9360.




TRANSPORTATION of registered patients to and from clinic for appointments.

WOMEN, INFANTS, AND CHILDREN SUPPLEMENTAL NUTRITION PROGRAM (WIC). Provides free, medically prescribed food for low-income pregnant women and formula for babies.

BUS SERVICE FOR HOMELESS. Provides transportation along a set route that includes stops at employment offices, outpatient VA clinic, Health Department, Indian Health Care Resource Center, the Day Center for Homeless, Goodwill, and other locations. Funded by the Anne and Henry Zarrow Foundation and the Maxine and Jack Zarrow Family Foundations for Building Tulsa Building LIves, a community services coalition.

FALL HEALTH FESTIVAL. Annual event offering free services such as eye exams, immunizations, and flu shots for children, some services for adults, and fun activities.

Vertical file available.

Provisional update 3/13.

Alternate Names: 
Shuttle Service.
Satellite Clinic.
Tulsa Family Health Center.
Women, Infants, and Children Supplemental Food and Nutrition Program.