Adult Literacy Curriculum in Focus: Voyager and Endeavor series

Voyager workbook

Voyager Reading and Writing for Today’s Adults is one of several comprehensive workbook sets that provide a systematic approach to basic reading and writing skills, and is available through the literacy office (the others are Challenger, Reading for Today, and Laubach Way to Reading). Voyager has always been the largest workbook set, with nine levels and several workbook pieces such as puzzle books, vocabulary books, and writing additions. 

Based on new research, Voyager has undergone a complete redesign. The series now starts at level .5 and goes through 3rd grade, providing a solid foundation of instruction that includes phonics and word recognition strategies as well as the writing process. In addition, each lesson includes reading, writing and critical thinking skills development. Another big shift in the series comes upon completion of level 3, where an adult learner will now move into the Endeavor series.

Endeavor 3 begins where Voyager 3 leaves off—at the 3rd grade reading level. The series is built for fluency, vocabulary and reading comprehension skills. Endeavor passages are longer and more complex and the books will take a dedicated learner up to the 8th grade level. An interesting difference with Endeavor is that the units can be approached in any order within the book and aren’t sequential. Each level has a consistent ten categories that focus on one topic important to adult students: work, health, family, community, school and education, civics and government, sports and recreation, housing and transportation, food, and consumerism and money. There is a Teacher’s Resource Guide that matches each student copy and includes instructional notes and photocopy masters.

A quick way to think of the new structure:

Voyager=learning to read
Endeavor =reading to learn

To find out more, or to speak with a literacy specialist about using this series with your adult learner, call the literacy office at 918-549-7400.