All American: book review of "Blue Sky White Stars"

By Melody Palmer, Youth Librarian, South Broken Arrow Library

What does an American look like? Where does an American come from? Pretty much everywhere! In "Blue Sky White Stars" - written by Sarvinder Naberhaus and illustrated by Kadir Nelson - explores this patriotic message in a way that both blue state and red state voters will find inspiring.

Kadir Nelson's beautiful illustrations, along with Sarvinder Naberhaus's few well-chosen words, evoke powerful patriotic emotions, in addition to the important and elusive concept of "hope." Through word play, she shows how important the American flag is to our history and our current time.

After reading this book, I feel hope that people of differing backgrounds and skin color can work together to build an America that honors people and pays little heed to skin color. This book will appeal to a wide range of ages and reading ability. Though the significance of some of the symbols depicted might be lost on young children, the pictures are stunning, vibrant, and detailed. I highly recommend this book to everyone, no matter their reading skill. It will provide opportunities for much discussion on American History and current events. 

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