Are You Ready to Vote?

vote buttonAre you ready to vote? 

Are you registered to vote? October 12 is the deadline to register to vote in the November 6 general election. To register visit your local county election board. The Tulsa County Election Board is located at 550 N. Denver Ave, Tulsa. Or, print and mail a voter registration card. Registration cards are also available at your local library branch. (If mailing, your registration must be postmarked on or before October 12). Also the League of Women Voters of Metropolitan Tulsa will hold a few last minute registration drives... access those here: Not sure if your registered. Contact your County Election Board to double check.

Do you know the issues and the candidates? Before you mark your ballot, get to know the issues and the candidates. Tonite is the first of 3 presidential debates. In addition to voting for president, Oklahomans are being asked to decide on several state questions, federal Congressmen, multiple state house and senate seats, a local tax extension, and State Supreme Court Justices. To find out more about the issues and the candidates check out the Tulsa Library's 2012 Election Guide.

Want to vote early? Any registered Oklahoma voter can request an absentee ballot. October 31 is the last day to request an absentee ballot. Visit the State Election Board for more information about absentee ballots Early in-person voting will be available November 2, 3, & 5 at the County Election Boards (more details to come). 

Get registered, get ready, go vote!!