Author. Artist. Author's Artist. by Nick

I’m sure if you really pressed Chip Kidd he might eventually come clean that, yes, there are aspects of his job that don’t greet with a hug and kiss on the cheek. But from here, his job seems pretty fantastic. You know when you’re browsing a shelf of books and you come upon a great cover? For me, the mantra ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’ could not be more irrelevant. If I find a cover that could be a work of art in and of itself, game over. That book wins.

Chip Kidd got his start as a book jacket designer. He’s since branched out into the writing game, penning the novels The Cheese Monkeys: A Novel in Two Semesters and The Learners: The Book After The Cheese Monkeys . Below are some of the books that have benefitted from his artistic prowess.

The Sunset Limited by Cormac McCarthy

The Mind’s Eye by Oliver Sacks

Theft: A Love Story by Peter Carey

The Abomination by Paul Golding

Cool It: The Skeptical Environmentalist’s Guide to Global Warming by Bjorn Lomberg

A Wolf at the Table by Augusten Burroughs

The Shock of the New by Robert Hughes

When You Are Engulfed in Flames by David Sedaris

Blood on the Moon by James Ellroy

Twenty Questions (Posed by Poems) by J.D. McClatchy


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