Back To School...With a Twist!

Savvy parents and teachers know that picture books are an excellent way to help children confront and process a variety of anxieties and fears. If your child is apprehensive about the fast-approaching first day of school, consider reading and sharing Adam Rex's book, "School's First Day of School," illustrated by the masterful Christian Robinson.

In this sweet and funny story, a highly original twist on the traditional back-to-school narrative emerges: the new "student" at school is, in fact, School. School has just been built, he only knows one person (the janitor), and he's nervous about the first day. Will he make friends? Will the children like him? What will happen?

We follow School throughout the first day, as he is alarmed (a student spills milk on him in the cafeteria) but then encouraged and increasingly more comfortable, particularly as he makes friends with a freckled young girl.

Booklist concludes (and I concur): "With bold illustrations featuring a diverse array of children and text that's ideal for reading aloud, this charming reversal of first-day-of-school nerves will delight little ones and help put their own anxieties at bay."


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