Biographical Directory Of The United States Congress: A Ready Reference Of Oklahoma's Former (And Present) Members Of The United States Congress

thomas pryor gore

The Biographical Directory Of The United States Congress is a quick online reference that can be searched by state, name, position, party, or year/congressional session. 

The biographies are brief but generally include an image, birth and death date and place, education, committee membership, and bibliography. 

The first Oklahoma Members of the 60th United States Congress (1907-1908) were Democrats Charles David Carter, James Sanford Davenport, Scott Ferris, Elmer Lincoln Fulton, Bird Segle McGuire, Robert Latham Owen, and Thomas Pryor Gore (pictured left). Thomas Pryor Gore lost his vision during childhood making him the first (only?) blind senator from our state. 

photo courtesty of the Library of Congress

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