Books on the Shelf: Do They Lead to More Success in School?

Home Libraries

“Regardless of how many books the family already has, each addition to a home library helps the children get a little farther in school.”

The Pacific Standard ran this article on a study that links books in the home with success in school. The study found that more books is always better, but, "the gains are not equally great across the entire range. Having books in the home has a greater impact on children from the least-educated families. It is at the bottom, where books are rare, that each additional book matters most.”

What the article leaves unanswered is the question of cause and effect. Do parents who read to their kids naturally have more books in the house? Or does having books in the house motivate parents to read to kids? Do kids read more if there are books around? Or do kids who read tend to value books more and collect them?

The article links to the original study, if you want to dig a little deeper.

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