Can I Get Legal Forms At The Library?

You can get some types of legal forms at the library, yes. The first place you should check is our Legal Forms database, which can found in the alphabetical list of resources on our Research page. This database has many forms for the state of Oklahoma, in a number of categories, including Divorce, Landlord/Tenant, Power of Attorney, Bankruptcy, and several others. Some of these forms are blank and can be filled out, but keep in mind that some are simply samples of completed forms that you can use as a guide to create your own document.

In addition to the legal forms database, our Government Documents FAQ page has a few links to outside resources, such as the Oklahoma State Courts Network and Tulsa Small Claims Court, that provide a variety of forms.

We also have several NOLO guides in our library collection that are available for checkout. While some of these guides have CD-ROMS containing legal forms relevent to their topic, many do not, although they do provide a lot of great information about navigating different legal processes.



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