Can the library help me locate phone numbers and addresses of individuals and companies?

Yes, the library offers a directory database called Reference USA. This database can be used at all library locations and from home. To access this database from the library's homepage, go to Research & Learn, then click on the Alphabetical List of Databases, and you'll Reference USA under R.

Through Reference USA, you can search available databases such as U.S. Businesses, U.S. Healthcare, U.S. New Businesses, and U.S. Residential. The U.S. Residential database will be most helpful in locating contact information for individuals, while U.S. Businesses and U.S. New Businesses will be most helpful for locating information about, you guessed it, businesses. Along with the name searches, you can also perform cross reference residential searches by phone number or address, and the business sections allows you to look for a wide range of information about companies, such as the number of employees, the names and titles of executives, and where the headquarters are located.

There's also a job search resource in the database, which allows you to look by job type, estimated salary, and location. The location search feature offers a mapping option so you can pinpoint specific geographic regions. 

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