Capital Punishment In Our State: A (Very) Brief History

legal executions in nebraska, kansas and oklahoma

According to the Oklahoma Department of Corrections, Oklahoma exectuted a total of 176 men and 3 women at the Oklahoma State Penitentiary between 1915 and 2011. Eighty-two were executed by electrocution, one by hanging (a federal prisoner), and 96 by lethal injection.

The last execution by electrocution took place in 1966. The first execution by lethal injection in Oklahoma occurred in 1990.

According to R. Michael Wilson, thirty-one men were hanged and thirty-six men were executed by firing squad in Indian Territory between 1840 and 1899.

The first Indian Territory execution listed in Wilson's Legal Executions in Nebraska, Kansas and Oklahoma Including the Indian Territory  was carried out in Tahlequah on January 1st, 1841. At 12:00 pm, Archilla Smith was hung from a tree for the murder of John McIntosh. 



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