Changes in the GED

Did you know the GED will be changing in January 2014? A new test will be offered that has been updated to reflect what students are learning in high school. The new test will only be available to take via a computer. 

The Literacy Office will be updating all our GED preparation materials, and several staff members have received training on the new GED, so please feel free to contact us with questions.

More information on the new test, and how it differs from the old test, can be found here.


Hi, Ms. Steele. There are several organizations in Tulsa that offer GED classes. Our website has a page here that lists contact information for these organizations. Weekend classes are sort of unusual, so you may also be interested in the library's Learning Express database, which offers GED prep online for free. All you need is a library card, and you can practice on your own time.

Hope this helps! Please contact us with any other questions.

I sign up for day GED classes and was unable to keep going because i work nights. I was wondering is there any weekend class that i can take? I REALLY want to better myself but can not afford to quit my job at this time. Thanks for your time have a bless day.
Shameeka Steele