Enhance Your Learning with ESL Podcast!

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For an adult learner who needs some English listening practice and has Internet access, we highly recommend eslpod.com.  Learners can go to the site and choose a podcast that is of interest to them. They can listen to it slowly, listen to an explanation of it, and/or listen to it quickly; at the same time they can read the transcript if they'd like. The service is free, but interested students can pay for a basic or premium membership if they would like to receive the "Learning Guides."  

Esl Podcast is a great opportunity for students who don't hear English at home but find television and radio to be too fast or confusing. You can also use them for your tutoring sessions: your student can listen and summarize what he/she heard, or you can ask some questions about the podcast. You can discuss vocabulary together, and even use the topic as a launch pad for conversation. Check it out, have fun, be creative!