Favorite Friends: book review

By Connie Lee Krute, Youth Associate, Pratt Library

One of my favorite picture books came to our shelves at the Pratt Library in July of 2017, but the message of "Together Always" by Edwina Wyatt is a very old and effective one.

The main reason I love this little book is that it tells of two BFFs who become physically separated, yet end up knowing they are together always, no matter how far apart they are. I "lost" my best friend when I was five years old - that is, she moved to a town only 45 minutes away, but that might as well have been years away in my 5-year-old thinking. Fortunately, we both had wonderful parents who were also great friends, and they made sure we saw each other now and then. The best part was that we spent a week at her house, then a week at my house each summer. What fun we had catching up on what had been going on in our lives! And the memories we made in those many summers together stay with me to this day. "Together Always" shows that dear friends can stick together...always.

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