Happy Independence Day, USA!

This Friday is July 4th, the day Americans celebrate their independence from Great Britain. Want to learn more about this holiday? Check out some of the links below: 

Listen to this podcast for ESL students about Independence Day.

The History Channel has lots of videos and other information about July 4th. 

Curious about how Americans celebrate this holiday? Take a look here, here, and here.

CNN also has lots of facts about July 4th. 

Fireworks are a big part of the Fourth. You can watch several fireworks videos on Youtube, that will show you what one of these celebrations is like.

But fireworks can also be dangerous. Make sure you stay safe by looking at this page.

Many other countries also celebrate their own Independence Day. Learn more here and here.

Looking for something to do this 4th of July? You can find a list of Tulsa area events here.

Have a safe and happy Fourth! Let us know if you do something fun!