Henry Zarrow (1916-2014) On Tulsans

Henry Zarrow, Tulsa businessman and philanthropist, passed away Saturday at the age of 97. Many local charities and organizations, including the Tulsa City-County Library, benefited from Mr. Zarrow's generosity. Mr. Zarrow, though, was quick to deflect praise, often assuring interviewers that Tulsans, in general, were the generous ones: 

"Tulsa people are always willing to help. Sometimes they just have to have time to think about it."

"I see how great the Tulsa people are in giving and helping. The $5, the $25...it amounts to quite a bit of money over a period of time."

"The people here are different. I don't know what they are-they are just compassionate to help each other. Tulsa people have a different feeling towards humanity, different from other places. I've been handling the shelter for the homeless for 11 years, and you never hear me say nobody will help me."

Tulsa City-County Library locations with flag poles will fly flags at half-mast through Friday in honor of Mr. Zarrow. 

pictured: young man on a microfiche machine at Zarrow Regional Library from the Tulsa City-County Library digital collection



“Mr. Henry” Zarrow will be missed. He gave so much and was very genuine about his giving. I recall several years back when he came with his wife, Anne Zarrow, to an evening children's program at Rudisill Regional Library. I was surprised to see them and even more impressed by the unassuming manner of the philanthropic couple, who stayed for the entire event. All of Tulsa has a reason to be proud that Mr. Henry and Anne Zarrow passed our way.

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