How effective is online marketing for nonprofits?

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M+R, a D.C.-based consulting firm, in partnership with NTEN, have released the 2014 M+R Benchmarks Study. Now in its eighth year, the study of fifty-three of the country's leading nonprofits found that even though response rates for nonprofit email solicitations continued to slide in 2013, online giving was up and social media audiences and Web site traffic continued to climb.

The Benchmarks Study always offers an interesting snapshot of the sector, and judging from the infographic below, this year's edition is no exception:


"The big picture for nonprofits online is that organizations reached more people last year through emails, their own Web sites, and social media," said Sarah DiJulio, a principal at M+R. "It's the little picture that nonprofits should be looking at when they assess how their online program is doing and what they can be done better in 2014. How your experience tracks with the benchmarks will help you ask the right questions to strengthen your program, whether that means adjusting your fundraising strategy or pursuing a new approach to advocacy."

To download the full study, complete with charts (registration required), visit:

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