How Much Could I Be Earning?

2013 hourly wage rates and average annual wages have been published by the Oklahoma Employment Security Commission (O.E.S.C.) O.E.S.C publishes wage data annually from their employer survey.

Wages are available by occupations for the State, Metropolitan areas and workforce areas.

Explanation of percentile wage estimates.

25th Percentile wage defined as 25 percent of wage earners earn below the specified wage.

Someone new to the field may expect wages near the 25th percentile.

50th Percentile represents the median (mid-point) wage


Tulsa MSA average hourly rate examples:

Home Health Aides                                         $10.18

Bank Tellers                                                      $11.62

Retail Salespersons                                         $13.25

Customer Service Representatives               $14.03

Secretaries and Administrative Assistants     $14.04

Dental Assistants                                              $16.06

Firefighters                                                       $16.63

Welders                                                             $19.85





The Wage Report states Tulsa firefighters earn an average of $16.33 with beginning firefighters (under the 25th percentile) typically start at $11.72.

Woodworking data is available on the state level as outlined below. 

Woodworkers, $20.99

Cabinetmakers and Bench Carpenters, $14.53

Woodworking Machine Setters, Operators, $14.03

firefighters/wood works

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