I’d like to get into the holiday spirit by helping those less fortunate. Can the library help me find a place to start?

The library’s Tulsa Organizations and Services (TOS) database is a collection of local area charities, government agencies, clubs, support groups, professional societies and more. If you’d like to find a place to donate your time or money for the holidays, or if you are looking for assistance for yourself, a family member, neighbor, or friend, TOS has a Christmas Help page that lists several charities and organizations offering food baskets, meals, and toys/gifts for the holidays.

You can access the TOS database via the Research & Learn tab of the library's home page. Pull up the database and perform a search for 'Christmas Help' to access the page mentioned above. There are plenty of other charities and non profits listed in TOS as well, so if you'd like to try a different agency, or are looking to donate for a non holiday related purpose, you can search TOS for 'Charity Organization' or 'Voluntarism' for lists of other opportunities. 

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