I need to pay a traffic ticket, apply for a passport, and find parking for my upcoming jury duty. Where can I go to find this information?

Maneuvering through the various city, county and federal courts in Tulsa can be a bit tricky, since they are located in different buildings, and it's not always obvious which agency handles what. To help you find your way through the system, our Research Center and Tulsa Organizations & Services Office has put together a resource called Navigating the Courts. To find this page, click on the Research & Learn tab on the library's home page and look for it listed in the Research by Subject box.

Navigating the Courts has separate tabs for each government level, Tulsa County District Court, Tulsa Municipal Court, and Federal Court, and each tab includes information on that specific court's location and operation. It also includes a Civic Center Map and a Frequently Asked Questions section to point you in the right direction regarding many court related activities, such as finding a lawyer, legal advice, and forms.

And to answer the questions above, you can pay a traffic ticket at City Hall's Citizens Service Center (175 E 2nd), use this Passport Facility Search to find the nearest place to apply for a passport, and park for jury duty at the Civic Center Parkade located on 3rd, between Houston and Denver (jurors will be reimbursed for parking fees).

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