I'd like to see what programs are coming up at the library, but I forgot to pick up an event guide. How can I find that information online?

You can access our searchable event guide through our website. From the home page, click on Classes and Events at the top of the screen. It will show a calendar of the current month, as well as a list of any and all programs going on throughout the Tulsa City County Library system for that day. You can select different days of the month to see what's coming up on a particular date. You can even select a whole week or month at a time by clicking the arrow buttons on the left side of the calendar. The event guide page also includes a few limiters, in case you are only interested in a particular location or age group, such as children or teens, and it also allows you to do a keyword search to look for specific topics. If you'd rather look through the printed Event Guides that are available at all libraries, but don't have a hard copy with you, go the Classes and Events drop down menu and select Print Edition.


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