I'd Like To See What Was In The National News On The Day I Was Born. Where Can I Find Those Headlines?

We have access to a New York Times database that allows you to view the newspaper page by page on any given publication date from 1851-2013. This resource can be found by selecting the Alphabetical List of Resources in the library's Research and Learn tab. Under the N section of the list, you'll see two entries for the New York Times. You can use either of these historical databases to search for articles, but the one titled 'Extra Edition' has the feature for searching birthdays (or any other specific date).

When you access the Extra Edition database, you'll find a box near the upper right side of the page (it has a picture of a baby in it) with a search field. Enter the date you want to find and hit 'search'. You'll then be given a list of the articles and other content from that date's newspaper. Once you see this list, you can view the individual entries by selecting their titles. You can also look at the full pages of the paper as well. To do this, look under any of the entry titles for the link that say 'page map'. Click on that link and you'll see one full page of the New York Times paper for that date. Depending on the entry, you may pull up a page that is in the middle of the paper, rather than the front page. If you look above the newspaper page image, you'll see a drop down menu with page numbers. To view the front page, simply select 1 in that drop down menu.

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