I'd like to start my own business, but don't know quite where to begin. Where can I find some information on getting started?

We have a number of resources at the library that can help you start your own small business, some of which are included in the Business Center reference guide, which can be found on our Research & Learn page. Take a look at the various tabs near the top of the Business Center page, and you'll find one labeled Starting a Business. This tab provides information on small business organizations in the Tulsa area that offer help to entrepreneurs, as well as some resources on putting together a business plan. The Starting a Business section also includes a database called the Small Business Reference Center, which offers advice on a number of topics, including loan requests, hiring your first employees, tax deductions, and cash flow forecasts.

In addition to the Business Center, the library also has a Small Business blog that posts news, events, and information for entrepreneurs. This blog can be found in the bottom right corner of our homepage.

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