I'm looking for a newspaper article from a few months ago. Does the library keep archives for the Tulsa World?

Yes, the library offers a Tulsa World database that contains full text articles from 1989 to present. This database can be used at all library locations and from home. To access this database from the library's website, click on Research & Learn, then look for Tulsa World in the T's. You can also find it by doing a title search for Tulsa World in our catalog (it's the entry that says 'Website or Online Data'). Once you click on Tulsa World, you can search for articles, browse an issue or click on recent issues. The database generally will archive articles from as recently as the previous day.

If you are looking for an article from before 1989, we also have a microfilm archive of the Tulsa World back to its origin in 1906, as well as the full run of the Tulsa Tribune paper, from its first year in 1900 (as the Tulsa Democrat) until its cessation in 1992. These microfilm collections are kept in the Research Center on the 4th floor of the Central Library.


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