I'm looking for work and need to brush up on my computer skills. How can the library help me?

One option we have for you is a collection of online computer skills tutorials through the Learning Express database. These are self-paced tutorials with beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels of the most common software products you'll need to know to improve your marketability for a new job, including Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, and Outlook, as well as Windows and Mac operating systems.

To access this database from the library's homepage, click on Research & Learn, then Alphabetical List of Databases. Go to L and select Learning Express. If you don't have a Learning Express account, you can click on the account set-up link to create one. Once you're signed in, just click on "Popular Software Tutorials" on the left-hand menu and get started learning.

As another option, our database Universal Class offers a large number of self paced, online courses in a wide variety of topics, including computer skills such as Microsoft Office, Adobe, Gmail, and more. You can find Universal Class in the Alphabetical List of Databases mentioned above. Once you open the database, select Course Catalog at the top of page to browse the available classes. You will to sign up for an account with Universal Class to take its offered courses.

In addition to these databases, we also hold tutorial computer classes at some of our library locations. To see what is offered during the current month, check out our online event guide.

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