I'm Thinking Of Switching Careers, But Don't Where To Begin. Can The Library Help Me Get Started?

Yes, we have a database called JobNow which provides a number of resources to help people land a job. To access JobNow, go to our home page and click the large "Find a JobNow!" button, or go to the Research and Learn tab on the homepage and select the Alphabetical List of Resources, then scroll down to J to find the link. Once you have pulled up the library's JobNow page, click on any of the database's icons to log in.

What’s so special about JobNow? It provides live resume and interview coaching so that you can get some hands on help from a job finding expert. You can also upload your resume and have it professionally proofread within one business day. JobNow also offers job search tools, career assessment resources, resume templates, and interview tips.

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