I'm trying to find out exactly when my grandfather passed away, and I know he lived in the Tulsa area. Where can I look for this information?

The library has a couple of tools that can help you find the death dates of people who lived in or around Tulsa at the time they passed away. First, the Tulsa World database, found in our alphabetical list of library databases, has an online archive from 1990-present. Along with news articles, this archive includes birth and death notices from the past two decades. To find a notice, type in the deceased person's name in the first ‘All Text' search field, then change the second search field to ‘Section' and type in ‘Deaths'. For deaths occurring between the years of 1963-1990, the library has compiled a Death Notice Index, using listings from the Tulsa World and Tulsa Tribune newspapers. The Index is searchable by first and/or last name, and also can be found in the library databases list. Once a death date is determined via the Death Notice Index, the notice itself can be found using the Research Center's microfilm collection at the Central Library.

Please note that death notices and obituaries are not the same thing. Death notices provide only basic information such as name, age, occupation, and date and location of funeral services. The Research Center also has some print resources, such as the Funeral Home Index, that can help find a date. Please contact the AskUs Hotline at 918.549.7323 and ask for the Research Center for more information and searching.


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