It’s time to file my taxes. Can the library help me?

While the library does not offer a tax preparation service, we do have some tools that can help you with the process of filing your taxes. A list of these resources can be found on our Tax Information page.

First, we offer a number of basic federal tax forms and booklets, including the various 1040s and several of the Schedule forms associated with them. The full list of available forms can be found on our Federal Tax Information page in the Frequently Requested Forms section. These forms should be available at all public library locations from now until tax day (April 15th). Other federal forms are available on the IRS website, and can printed off at the library for our standard printing price of 10 cents a page. (Please note: We no longer receive paper copies of Oklahoma state tax forms or booklets. These forms can found and printed from the Oklahoma Tax Commission website or picked up at the OTC’s office in downtown Tulsa, 440 South Houston, 5th Floor. You can find more information about filing Oklahoma taxes here.)

Second, although the library cannot help you prepare your taxes, there are some outside agencies that do provide this type of assistance. One such agency is AARP, which offers free tax preparation for qualified individuals at a number of locations across Tulsa County. You can also find free tax assistance online at For details on these services, including a list of locations and operating hours for the AARP sites, go to the Free Tax Help section of our Tax Information page.

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