It’s Time To File My Taxes. Can The Library Help Me?

While the library does not offer a tax preparation service or tax advice, we do have some tools that can help you with the process of filing your taxes. A list of these resources can be found on our Tax Information page.

On that page, there are tabs for Federal and Oklahoma Tax Information, each of which include links to many of the frequently used forms, options for filing online, how to check on the status of your refund, and contact information for the federal and state tax agencies. The library does have a small number of Federal forms available at our branches (such as the various 1040s), but most forms will either need to be requested from the IRS or Oklahoma Tax Commission, or printed off of their respective websites. If you don’t have access to a printer, you may print these at the library. Prints are $0.10 a page.

The third tab on the library’s tax page is Free Tax Help and Other Information. This tab includes a list of locations that will offer free tax help, as well as the dates and times when this help is offered. This service is provided by AARP and VITAthrough April 18th, and is available to individuals who make less than $40,000 a year and families who make less than $54,000. If you wish to take advantage of this tax help service, be sure to check all the information listed for your preferred locations, as some of them are for certain age groups or require an appointment. Our Tulsa Organizations and Services database also has an entry on the Free Tax Help sites, and includes a link to a map showing the site locations throughout the county so you can find your nearest one. 

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