It's a Deal

us federal government

They made a deal... in the wee hours of the night Congress passed and President Obama signed legislation funding the government and raised the debt limit. The legislation sent thousands of government employees back to work this morning and averted default of treasury accounts.

So, what does the deal do? (from the Washington Post)

  • Immediately reopens the government and funds it through Jan. 15.

  • Raises the debt ceiling through Feb. 7 but allows federal borrowing to continue for a few weeks longer, using special accounting measures.

  • Requires additional measures, favored by Republicans, to ensure that people who receive financial help to buy medical insurance under the new health-care law are being honest about their income.

  • Sets up a negotiating committee to try to come up with a longer-term budget plan so we don’t go through this again early next year. The committee is expected to issue budget recommendations by Dec. 13.

  • Provides back pay to furloughed federal workers.

Based on this, the American people might see a similar scenario play out in early 2014, though I hope not.

Here's how the Oklahoma delegation voted.

  • Senator Tom Coburn: Nay
  • Senator James Inhofe: Abstained
  • Representative Jim Bridenstine: Nay
  • Representative Tom Cole: Yea
  • Representative Frank Lucas: Nay
  • Representative MarkWayne Mullin: Nay
  • Representative Frank Lankford: Nay