It's Earth Day!!

celebrate earth day

Today is Earth Day and though this librarian thinks that small (or large) efforts can be made daily to celebrate our lovely planet and to make it more hospitable for generations to come, I am glad that we have at least one day to raise awareness of these efforts.

To celebrate Earth Day every day, Pick 5 for the Environment. Pick 5 is a service of the EPA encouraging you to choose 5 or more environment-helping actions within 6 categories -- water, air, land, energy, waste, and advocacy. These actions might be actions you take already such as recycling or turning off lights. The EPA also hopes to offer completely new ideas like setting up a recycling program at your school or office. No matter the 5, the impact will make a difference... and why stop at 5?

Take the opportunity today to celebrate Earth Day but don't let it stop there. Make your actions count every day.