It's Earth Day!

earth day

Today is Earth Day. Pick 5 encourages everyone to develop on-going habits that protect the environment. 

Pick 5 is an international environmental connection effort brought to you by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Department of State. As part of this program folks are encouraged to make smarter choices and develop habits that will impact the overall well-being of the environment. 

  • Pick 5 at Home -- purchase energy efficient bulbs; choose low flow toilets and bath fixtures; recycling and compost whatever you can; use gentler cleaning products; protect drinking water by not putting toxics down the drain
  • Pick 5 at Work -- consider ways to decrease energy consumption in the office; consider telecommunting rather than travelling for meetings; consider sending handouts electronically rather than providing paper copies; ask your employer to consider safer pesticides
  • Other places to Pick 5: On the Road; At School; While Shopping; In Your Community
  • Register your 5 to show your committment to making a difference: 
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Every little bit counts, so start with 5 and go to 10, then to 20 and so on and so forth.