Kids on the Block Puppeteers

Kids on the Block Puppeteers

Kids on the Block Puppeteers
Presented by The Parent Child Center of Tulsa

Looking for a program to help kids deal with difficult solutions at your local school or community group? Maybe you want to help out people doing this good work? Well get a load of… Kids on the Block!

Trained puppeteers present performances in elementary schools and the community with child size puppets to teach children what to do in tough life situations and how to get help. KOB performs to children Pre-K through 5th grade with skits on a variety of topics such as:

Bullying – You’re Not the Boss of Me
Caught in the Middle – Divorce Show
Stranger Danger
Physical Abuse
Sexual Abuse
Shake it Up – Violence alternatives

Kids On The Block talks truthfully in kid language about tough issues that affect kids’ lives. They tell it like it is with age-appropriate presentations. And it is amazing what a puppet hears. When a child’s hand goes up, a wall comes down and that teachable moment is achieved.

Volunteer Performers Needed!

If you would like to be a KOB Performer, you will need to:
Be prepared to have fun!
Have a desire to keep children safe, informed and empowered!
Attend regular practices
Memorize scripts
Have a flexible daytime schedule
Possess physical stamina (to hold puppets)
Enjoy performing
Provide your own transportation to and from shows (stipend provided to cover the cost of gas)
All volunteers at The Parent Child Center are required to pass a background check.

To get more information or contact Kids on the Block, see their website at:


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