Learn! Eat! Together

By Laura Raphael, Children's Services Coordinator, Tulsa City-County Library

This summer, why not combine your love of food with family learning time? The A to Z World Food database, accessible through the library's web site, is an excellent online tool to discover a wealth of tasty tidbits, from what Albanians eat right before Lent (qumeshtor, an egg and milk custard) to a recipe for Ajiaco, a hearty chicken stew served in the country of Columbia.

Looking to eat more vegetables as a family? Take a walk through the Ingredients part of the A to Z World Food database to see how they are prepared in different countries...

Wanting to share the culture of your parents' parents? The A to Z World Food database has entries for nearly 200 countries, listing classic dishes, information about special occasion meals, and including recipes...

Finally, see if you can connect what you learn on the A to Z World Food database to different cultures described in children's books such as This Is How We Do It by Matt Lamothe, which explores the daily lives of seven children in seven different countries, from Japan to India, Ugunda to Italy.

To find this database (and more!), go to www.tulsalibrary.org, mouse over "Research & Learn" and then select "Alphabetical list of all databases."

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